For Veterinarians

We are committed to providing the highest standards of medical and client care. We provide a prompt referral service for our colleagues in practice and a written report is sent to you by fax and email. Our service doesn't stop there: we also monitor the patient's progress in the weeks and months following referral, and will provide ongoing free advice to you for the life the animal.

From experience, cases are generally referred to us for three main reasons:

1. Diagnosis and treatment of non-specific symptoms:

Exercise intolerance or fatigue
Coughing in dogs

2. Diagnosis and treatment of specific symptoms:

Lung Disease
Coughing in cats
Respiratory noises from the throat
Discharges from the nose
Wheezes & crackles
Heart Disease
Abnormal heart beats
Abdominal enlargement (fluid)
Weak pulses

3. To carry out specific procedures:

Pacemaker implantation
Interventional (keyhole) closure of PDA
Balloon dilation of pulmonic stenosis
Pericardial drainage (pericardiocentesis)
Ambulatory ECG monitoring (Holter, loop event, Reveal)
Chest drainage

In addition, we offer an ECG & chest X-ray interpretation service; see case advise.


Regional Clinics - 2023

Greencross Vet Hospital at the University

Every Wednesday morning

West - Ballarat

First Friday of each month

(unless a public holiday)

East - Morwell

Third Friday of each month

(unless a public holiday)

Adelaide - No longer visiting